Striped Marlin

Striped marlin are by far the most common billfish in the Galapagos Islands. Average days will produce 5 to 50 raises of striped marlin with 75, 100 and 150 plus raises in a single day recorded many times before. These striped marlin average 150 to 220 lbs and are very powerful fish. Striped marlin are found all year in the Galapagos and while incredible numbers have been raised and caught every month of the year we have seen some of the best action in the last few years October/November and May/June. Most anglers choose to target striped marlin December to May because of the calmest seas and the blue and black marlin also show up in those months when waters are warmest.

Blue Marlin

Blue marlin are common in the Galapagos and we can customize trips to target where they are most frequent. You can expect 1 to 4 blue marlin a day when targeting them in the drop offs. The abundance of bonito, tuna, squid and sardines attract good numbers of large blue marlin with most fish averaging 300 to 800 lbs. The best months to target blue marlin are generally January to April when waters are warmest.

Black Marlin

Black marlin in the Galapagos tend to be big. Most fish caught are 400 lbs plus with a couple of fish around the 1000 lbs seen in the last few years. Just as the blue marlin are attracted to the high abundance of bonito, tuna, squid and sardines so are the black marlin. Black marlin are usually considered a closer to shore and shallow water marlin but in the Galapagos they are found on the drop offs just like the blue marlin. Many black marlin are caught while targeting blue marlin. Best months to target black marlin are January to April when water is warmest.