Blue Marlin Fishing In The Galapagos Islands

If you are looking at lots of shots for blue marlin then the Galapagos Islands are probably not the destination you ought to try.  However, if quality and size of the fish are what matter or you like combining striped marlin and blue marlin the same day or trip then the Galapagos are for you.

We have several locations in the Galapagos to target blue marlin.  We offer land based options and long range mothership assisted to get to the fr reaches of the Galapagos that are rarely fished. 

We offer the finest tackle available with 80# and 130# Alutecnos reels and custom rods.  Our boats are equipped with fighting chairs, bucket harness and everything you need to fight large marlin.

Contact us an we will help you plan the right blue marlin trip for you.  To experience something completely different with some of the largest blue marlin to swim in the Pacific you need to fish in the Galapagos Islands.